Access to relevant information for researchers in China

20 Ago 2022 | Diritto pubblico, Ricerche, Sociologia

EU-China Research and Innovation Dialogue

Information Brochure

The report was produced with funding from the European Union and was supported by the EU-China Partnership Facility (ECPF) as part of the “EU-China Research and Innovation Dialogue”.

The author, Mr. Ivan Cardillo, is an Assistant Professor in Law at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, in Wuhan, China.

The purpose of the document is to offer a user-friendly guide to European researchers in China about the availability of and access to relevant information in China.

The brochure is structured in two main parts. The first part offers an overview of China’s open access policies and comprehensive analysis of the availability and accessibility of scientific information. The second part deals with the legal framework of applicable laws regulating access to information, information circulation, publication, research and education, budget, funds, national security, science and technology, state secrets, intellectual property rights, and provides a systematic overview of key issues.

The brochure is accessible here

Citazione consigliata: Cardillo I., [Titolo], in Istituto di Diritto Cinese, [data], disponibile all’indirizzo […]

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