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Chinese law is going through a new phase of modernization, the first in the history of the People’s Republic of China and the third in the history of China. This recent attempt sees three actors as protagonists: tradition, political ideology, and the West. These actors do not have a specific role or a definition but animate a vigorous debate on which the future cultural identity of the country depends.

The Institute of Chinese Law is the think tank that supports, promotes, and disseminates, in a comparative and non-comparative perspective, the study, research, and knowledge of Chinese law, its history, and all those historical, economic, political, cultural, social and financial aspects that can help to understand the phenomenon in its complexity, to determine its implications and repercussions, in Italy, in Europe and internationally.

To pursue these aims, the Institute works in partnership with national, European, Chinese, and international institutions, academic institutions, companies, professional associations, and public and private bodies.

The Institute is open to anyone who shares the principles of respect, dialogue, tolerance, and scientific research and is a meeting place for all those interested in Chinese law.  

To realize its purposes and work for the implementation of activities of general interest, the Institute:

  • organizes, promotes and coordinates studies, researches, translations, debates, seminars, and conferences;
  • promotes training, improvement, and specialization courses;
  • collects, sorts, and preserves documentary material; 
  • produces scientific material (essays, research, collections of documentation, periodicals, monographs, bulletins), to systematize and disseminate its activities. To this end, the Institute may acquire its series of publications;
  • grants, establishes, and awards prizes, scholarships, and contributions for the conduct of studies and research consistent with its purposes;
  • promotes scientific, cultural, and academic exchanges, and various forms of academic collaboration;   
  • enhances scientific relations between Chinese university institutes and Italian and European      institutions;
  • it is a meeting place for jurists; 
  • provides consultancy to third parties concerning the issues and topics being researched and studied;
  • carries out any valuable initiative for the pursuit of its purposes and performs all the acts necessary to conclude contractual transactions of a real estate and financial nature, valid for the achievement of the set objectives; 
  • collaborates with the competent state bodies by preparing reports, studies, and collections of documents;
  • participates in or establishes other bodies necessary to realize the associative purposes.

To achieve its objectives, the Institute undertakes activities related to participation in announcements, contributions, and national and international funding. The Institute’s Participant Identification Code (PIC) for EU funding programmes is 880553585.

The Institute of Chinese Law benefits from a dense network of contacts and collaborations with Chinese institutions, professionals, and academics, strengthened by a bond of friendship and esteem built over a decade. 

The Institute has received many reviews in the Chinese press. Appreciation and encouragement, for example, have appeared in the prestigious People’s Daily.

All publications on the https://dirittocinese.com website are identified with the ISSN code 2612-4963.

The Institute of Chinese Law was founded and is edited and chaired by Ivan Cardillo.

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