Lecture: The Idea of National Security in Contemporary China: Constitutional Expressions, Legal Framework and Fundamental Values

Chair Introduction to Chinese Law

29 March 2022 11:00-13:00 (CET)

Law School Room 8 – Zoom Streaming

Guest Lecture

The Idea of National Security in Contemporary China: Constitutional Expressions, Legal Framework and Fundamental Values

In a specific national context, this lecture surveys the emerging legal framework of the pursuit of national security in Chinese homeland, with an emphasis on accelerating developments in this area since the promulgation of the Holistic Approach to National Security in 2014 and its national constitutional implications. All information provided in this lecture is obtained from open sources. 

The lecture breaks this topic into six sections: (i) national security in Chinese constitutional expressions since 1949, (ii) the early landmark constitutional law on anti-secession and its constitutional foundations, (iii) on the basics of the new National Security Law (2015) and its constitutional implications upon the 1982 Constitution, (iv) national security in the political periphery of China through a constitutional perspective (v) national security in the emerging cyber laws: a new constitutional order in the cyberspace?, (vi) accommodation of national security in the constitutional value system.

Guest Speaker Han Zhai 

Associate research fellow on special appointment, school of law, Wuhan University. Deputy director, research institute of cyberspace governance, Wuhan University.  

Han Zhai, Ph.D (2017), Tilburg University, is the associate research fellow on special appointment at Wuhan University, China. She holds an LL.M of the Chinese University of Political Science and Law and an LL.B of Inner Mongolia University. She is the former research fellow at Israel Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS Research Fellow, 2019-20). Her current research topics include socialist constitutional legacies, national security and public law, technological challenges to the fundamental elements of modern constitutionalism, professional ethics of constitutional scholarship in China. Her book Constitutional Identity of Contemporary China: The Unitary System and Its Internal Logic is published by Brill | Nijhoff in 2019.

Scientific Coordinator: Ivan Cardillo Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Trento University. 

Palazzo di Giurisprudenza, via Verdi 53 – 38122 Trento


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