Seminario: Digital Economy in China: Innovation and Governance 

22 Ott 2021 | Eventi

Corso Introduzione al Diritto Cinese

28 ottobre 2021 11:00-13:00 (CET) Aula 6

Guest Lecture (in inglese)

Digital Economy in China: Innovation and Governance

The lecture will introduce the latest development of the digital economy in China, including new economy, new business models, new technologies, and new challenges, and present related regulatory issues in the Chinese internet industry, such as data protection, anti-monopoly, platforms’ responsibility.

Guest Speaker Cai Xiongshan

CAI Xiongshan, is the former Director and Chief Researcher of Law Research Center, Tencent Research Institute. He is also associated with Internet Development Research Institute, Peking University. Mr. Cai teaches the master’s course Cyber Law at Communication University of China.

Mr. Cai holds master’s degrees in International Law from Transnational Law and Business University (TLBU), South Korea, and in European Union and International Economic Law from Université de Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne). He has also been a visiting scholar at Yale University.

Mr. Cai has worked in the Policy and Economics Research Institute of CAICT (China Academy of Information and Communications Technology), Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. He has served as the negotiator of the Chinese government for the China-Switzerland Free Trade Zone Negotiation and one of the Chinese experts for the China-Europe Digital Economy Expert Dialogue. Mr. Cai has presented at the World Trade Organization, Oxford University, APEC, US-China Track 2 Dialogue and others, introducing China’s Internet industry and legislation. He speaks Chinese, English, French and has elementary command of Spanish.

Coordinatore scientifico: Ivan Cardillo Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Università di Trento.

Palazzo di Giurisprudenza, via Verdi 53 – 38122 Trento

Citazione consigliata: Cardillo I., [Titolo], in Istituto di Diritto Cinese, [data], disponibile all’indirizzo […]

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